The Ridgecrest Office Receives a Facelift

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Recently, the Ridgecrest team hosted an open house to showcase the newly renovated leasing office! The Ridgecrest team wanted to create a welcoming and vibrant area for their residents, business affiliates and staff. They created a plan and set out to achieve their goal beginning in the latter part of 2020. In a few months, they were able to accomplish the following:

  • Painting of the entire office
  • Creating a space for applicants and residents to submit applications and recertify using RentCafe (including building a wall divider and desks)
  • Hanging blinds, curtains and artwork
  • Replacing flooring in various parts of the office
  • And much more!

There are always costs associated with any renovation, but the Ridgecrest team was able to save money and achieve a new look by purchasing items on sale and doing much of the labor. Not only did the Ridgecrest office get a new look, there were other benefits as well. “We did it as team. We all had a hand in the steps and vision. We worked together, side-by-side. We got to see strengths of each person. It helped us to get to know each other better. We are stronger because of it. We are extra proud of it because we did it. We care about where we are, the energy we bring to the property as a team and to the company we represent” says Community Manager, April Adair.

Kudos to April, Brittany, Frederick, Shirley, Terrance, Terry and Trevor for a job well done!!!

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