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Please join us in congratulating two of our service coordinators that have been accepted into the Excellence in Service Coordinator Program through SAHMA. This program is for the elite professionals in their field that help to provide quality programs for our residents. We are proud that Pat Staggs, Riverwood Apartments, and Melinda Washington, Birmingham Towers, are part of this program.

Welcome to the Excellence in Service Program:

• Patricia Staggs, Riverwood Tower, TN, Wesley Living

• Melinda Washington, Birmingham Towers, AL, Wesley Living



Our partners are essential in our vision to provide quality and affordable housing. Alco values our relationships with our partners, and we are exceedingly grateful for our partnership with Wesley Living.

Wesley Living provides service coordinators at four of our communities: Birmingham Towers, Riverwood Tower, Parsons Cove and Cathedral Place. Service coordinators are considered part of each property’s onsite team – although they are managed and supervised directly by Wesley Living.

Service coordinators are an integral part of our team. They play a significant role in helping our residents meet needs of the mind, body, and spirit. Service coordinators assist residents with daily task such as: food security, housekeeping, appointment setting, and basic daily functionality. They evaluate residents’ needs and connect them to the necessary referrals and resources which allows them to “age in place.”

Their networking links our residents with local services and programs designed for seniors and arrange for one-on-one or group meetings (small and large) focused on eating healthy, medical issues, and financial stability.

Wesley Living provides us with highly trained service coordinators. They attend various trainings each year; as well as participate in SAHMA’s Excellence in Service Coordinator Program. We are proud to partner with Wesley Living.

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