Reflecting on Waverly, TN

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As we reflect over the past week on the flood in Waverly, TN, and the care that our employees showed toward our residents; it is undeniable. They were there every step of the way to assist the residents at Creekview Manor. The devastation of losing your home and not being able to take your possessions were real, this week, for our residents. Since the buildings are so damaged, the fire department ask that we not let anyone in the buildings. Courtney and Nick retrieved necessary items such as medicine, money, animals, and important papers for the residents. The residents were very thankful and did not push to try and get more out of their apartment. They waited patiently.

Cherri, because she knows her residents well, was able to call them to meet at the apartment community to pick up a $100 gift card to help with necessities. We are so proud of the Leadership Team for suggesting the Walmart gift cards.

During the past five days Courtney, Cherri and Nick never complained about the heat, and it was HOT. They chose to look forward as to what needed to be done and focus on the positives.

All of our residents at Creekview Manor are safe. Many of our residents were saved because the community helped with rescuing them by boat during the flood. The town pulled together and provided support such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and spiritual needs for the residents of Waverly.

There were rescue teams from all over and the National Guard arrived to help. One of our own, Toni Ford, from Presidential West was there with her unit to help. We are proud of her for assisting and thank her.

Twenty of the town’s residents went missing. Five days later they were all found, and now the families can get closure. The town is now moving to the next phase of cleaning up and finding permanent shelters for the residents without homes. Many did not have flood insurance, personal property insurance or car insurance.

Thank you, all, for reaching out to Courtney, Cherri and Nick to offer words of encouragement and prayers for them and the community. Without actually gathering, they felt supported. That is what Building Community is all about!

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